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Smoking is bad for your teeth, too!

According to The Center of Disease Control, more than 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking and another half suffer from gum disease. This equates to 64.7 million American adults, which is quite alarming!

When taking into account how smoking affects the body, most people may not consider how it can directly affect their mouth. As a cigarettes’ entry way, the mouth is more susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease, loss of bone structure, inflammation of the salivary gland, Leukoplakia (precancerous condition) and development of lung, throat or oral cancer. With more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, it’s not surprising that smoking can cause premature aging and serious conditions.

What is Periodontis?

Periodontis is inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth caused by certain bacteria and local inflammation that is triggered by periodontal bacteria. This condition is common in smokers. The main symptom of gum disease is visible inflammation of the gums called gingivitis and bleeding from the gums when brushing teeth.

Smoking Can Age you!

Studies show that smoking regularly can cause loss of bone structure and an aging appearance. Smokers are twice as likely to lose teeth as nonsmokers, which may cause a need for dental implants or dentures to help fill out facial features.

Not only can smoking cause these serious conditions, it can also result in built-up plaque and tartar, stained yellow or brown teeth, bad breath, and the loss of taste and smell. Patients who smoke are also likely to heal slowly after dental work, and have a lower success rate of dental implants.

At Shane McDowell, we truly care about our patients overall health. We recommend taking this course of action to eventually abstain from smoking to help avoid serious conditions.

  • Schedule an exam with your doctor so they can help identify the right smoking cessation program

  • Schedule an appointment with us so we may evaluate your dental health and advise on any issues or treatment solutions

  • Inquire with your doctor about counseling service, nicotine patch or gum, or prescription medications that may help ease the need to smoke

  • Schedule regular professional dental cleanings and checkups

  • Initiate a stress reduction program such as an exercise regimen, Pilates, or yoga class

In order to protect your overall health and your dental health, our recommendation is to stop smoking, If you wish to continue to smoke, be sure to inform us of your habits so we may screen for periodontal disease and other smoking related issues.

At Shane McDowell, we take our patients health and happiness seriously. If you are still unhappy with the look of your teeth, we can help! Our quality cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures can help you have the smile you deserve.

Contact us today for a consultation at (239) 936-0597 or at

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