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Take a bite out of teeth stains

If you’ve ever dropped spaghetti sauce, curry or even a popsicle on your clothes while indulging, you may have noticed a powerful stain. The top foods and beverages that stain your clothing also stain your teeth. These stain causing foods and beverages also include candy, berries, colored sauces, soda, sports drinks and coffee. Since the worst culprits not only stain your teeth and can also cause tooth decay, knowing how to counter the effects of teeth stains can help keep your smile pearly white.

Foods that help counteract teeth stains

  • Apples are not only healthy for your diet because they offer soluble fiber and are high in antioxidants, but they also help produce saliva in the mouth which reduces teeth stains over time. Other foods that increase saliva production include cauliflower and cucumbers.

  • Spinach is considered a super food. It is rich in iron and Vitamin A and helps protect teeth from stains by creating a protective film over the teeth when eaten. Leafy vegetables like kale and lettuce also make a great addition to your natural tooth whitening remedies.

  • Cheese. Rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and it lowers pH levels to help fight against tooth decay and protect teeth.

In addition to eating the right foods to help keep your teeth protected against staining and decay, switching from high-sugar beverages, like soda, to fluoridated water or green tea (without the added sugar) will also make a difference. While no foods will replace a quality brushing and flossing dental routine, there are also options for those who need an extra tooth whitening boost.

For people who feel their teeth have turned a few shades too yellow or discolored, there are options available at our dental practice, which include Zoom – an in-office process to help get your teeth their whitest in just over an hour. Our in-home teeth whitening kits are also easy to use and can help you achieve results in around 4 to 6 weeks.

If you have questions on teeth whitening options, we are here to help. Call our office at Shane McDowell Dentistry at (239) 936-0597 or visit our website at today.

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