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Heart and Mouth Healthy

When you go in for your routine dental cleaning, you are not only helping to keep your mouth clean, but you are also helping your heart.

New research suggests that people who have had their teeth professionally cleaned at least once every two years were 24 percent less likely to have a heart attack, compared with those who skipped those professional cleaning. The findings were presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting.

Researcher and head of this study, Zu-Yin Chen, MD, a cardiology fellow at the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, reviewed the records of more than 100,000 people in Taiwan’s national health insurance database. About half had received at least one cleaning, finding that the other half has never had a cleaning. “Results showed that people who had more than one cleaning a year had the lowest risk of heart attack and stroke,” said Chen.

“Something as simple as having good dental hygiene — brushing, flossing, and having regular cleanings — may be good for your heart and brain health,” says Ralph Sacco, MD, head of neurology at the University of Miami.

The office of Dr. Shane McDowell wants to make sure your mouth and your heart are in the best shape possible. From examinations and cleanings to restorative procedures such as root canals, extractions and gum treatments, you can trust Dr. McDowell for all of your dental health needs. Dr. McDowell and his team provide the full array of dental care services with special attention to your comfort and health.

To make an appointment for your regular dental cleaning, please call (239)-936-0597 or go online to to make your appointment today!

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