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What your teeth want you to eat

They do all the work, yet how often do you think about what you should eat for your teeth? We all know to avoid candy and other sticky sugary foods and to brush immediately after we indulge. Let’s go a step further and incorporate some of these teeth-healthy foods into the diet:

Fruits & Vegetables – Choose fruits with a high water volume, such as apples, cucumbers and watermelon. Eat high acid fruits such as oranges with meals and brush immediately after eating bananas and raisins, both of which tend to stick to the teeth.

Cheese – Cheese triggers saliva production, washing the teeth, and it also contains calcium, which fortifies teeth.

Meats, Nuts and Milk – The calcium and phosphorus in these foods re-mineralize teeth.

Sugarless Gum – Another way to get the saliva flowing, and some sugarless gums contain ingredients that have been shown to actually fight cavities.

Finally, when you do indulge in sweets and starches, eat them with your meal, when you mouth is primed to wash away bacteria because the saliva is already flowing.

With the right combination of diet, cleaning and regular visits to the dentist, your teeth will stay healthier. Call us today at 239-936-0597 to schedule your next check-up and professional cleaning or visit our website at

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