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Three Ways to Add Fluoride to Your Diet

Fluoride is an important component of dental health, protecting teeth from decay and keeping gums healthy. In most American cities, including those in Southwest Florida, this natural substance is added to tap water, providing a readily available source for all citizens. The average person consumes 2-3 milligrams of fluoride daily through tap water.

However, for a variety of reasons, many people prefer bottled water, which does not contain fluoride. Should you change from bottled water to tap water to protect your teeth? Not necessarily. Here are some other ways to incorporate fluoride into your diet:

Tea – Fluoride is naturally occurring in black tea. One cup of black tea could provide as much as nine milligrams of fluoride, according to one study, far more than tap water.

Meat – Fluoride is found in sea water so it can be found to some degree in most seafood, and particularly in mechanically processed canned fish and shellfish meat. The same is true for mechanically processed chicken, which is found in canned chicken and chicken nuggets because sodium sulfate in used in these processes.

Dentists – Prophylactic fluoride treatments are available through your dentist.

If you believe you are not getting enough fluoride in your diet and would like to discuss the advantages of such treatments, please make an appointment online at or call 239-936-0597.

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