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Treating patients like people…

The title of this article might seem a bit obvious. Who wouldn’t treat their patients like people? However, judging by how many patients fear the dentist chair, many professionals are missing the mark.

Dentists and their staff naturally become desensitized to the situations they encounter every single day, and it takes a concerted effort to recognize what causes patients anxiety and discomfort so we can ease their fears and, of course, minimize pain.

Part of our job as professionals is to get to know our patients and to be sensitive to their individual needs. We make an effort to read between the lines, paying attention to tone of voice, body language and other signs a patient is uncomfortable. We encourage patients to open up so they feel more at ease going into any procedure.

Also, everyone experiences pain differently so we give patients every opportunity for feedback and pay attention to signs they are feeling discomfort. One patient, Kristin Dubrasky of Fort Myers said, “I appreciate Dr. McDowell’s step-by-step explanation during exams and procedures. He walks patients through the process paying close attention to body language to make sure the experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. His staff is always attentive as well. Believe it or not, they make me want to come to the dentist!”

That is exactly how we want all of our patients to feel! We are here to take care of you and will always be sensitive to your needs.

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