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Show Your Pearly Whites!

Teeth are naturally white. Everyone starts out with beautiful white teeth, but normal use can discolor teeth over time. Acidic foods wear away the white enamel on your teeth, causing them to become more transparent so the yellow dentin core shows through. Dark-colored foods and beverages can stain the enamel and fill tiny cracks caused by normal use such as chewing.

Fortunately, when brushing and regular professional cleanings are no longer enough to restore whiteness, we can help with a variety of whitening treatment options. In fact, we can often make teeth two to seven shades whiter!

In-Office Whitening

The quickest and easiest way to whiten teeth, in-office whitening can be accomplished in about one hour. We use a high-concentration peroxide gel that requires professional application. The gums are protected with a paint-on rubber dam, and the gel is carefully applied by experienced professionals.

Often, one session is all you need. However, stubborn staining may require more than one session, or the addition of a home-use whitening system.

Professionally Dispensed Home-Use Whitening Systems

Professionally dispensed home-use whitening systems use a lower-concentration peroxide gel than that which is applied in the office. The gel is much stronger than that found in store-bought whitening kits, however, and it is applied using a set of custom-made beaching trays rather than strips, brushes or one-size-fits-all trays used with over-the-counter kits. The results are often better also because the custom trays provide even application to all the teeth, whitening the full smile.

Easy to use, professionally dispensed home-use whitening systems often yield the best long-term results, but the process does take an hour or longer. Sometimes, the gel may need to be applied overnight.

For more information about teeth whitening, please make an appointment with us. Each smile is unique, and we are happy to evaluate your teeth and provide you with a customized plan for whiter teeth.

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